Eco warriors

Here at TUEJC, we believe Eco Warriors come in various forms: they can be a family that goes the extra mile to help fight environmental injustice or help conservations efforts; they can be a student who has an invention to help save our planet, to a professor who has discovered a new bacteria that can digest plastic; or they can just be anyone who is trying to be a little better today and educate the people around them! If you know someone like that please fill out the form located on our "Contact" page!



"At this point, we can’t wait for others to start thinking that cleaning up the environment is the right thing

to do. We have to lead by example and try to leave our natural areas better than we found them. We know when we go out to PINS, we are coming back with a truckload of trash. It’s just the way it is." 





"Avoid depending on recycling (that is often done incorrectly) and choose items that have less waste - minimal packaging, reusable items, second hand items."




"The strawless campaign is important to me because it is only the start of a more sustainable way of being and living on campus...It is about new beginnings that may seem small at first but with time, it can create wider more opportunities in the long run."


Texans united for Environmental Justice & Conservation

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