Diy fairy garden

1. find a base

This can either be a plating pot, a cake stand, a bird bath, really anything that can hold soil. 

2. Figure out your theme 

When it comes to your theme, the sky is the limit. You can go for a space, dinosaurs, safari, jungle, or a traditional fairy theme! What ever interests you and your family! 

3. find plants you want to be in your fairy garden

We went with lavender, rosemary, a succulent, cutting from a vine, and two small plants that attract pollinator bugs and insects. Keep in mind the size of your base and your overall theme

4. Find objects to decorate your base

This step does not have to be expensive, you can use things around the house! We used a little decoration bird house for the fairy to live in, costume jewelry for the steps leading to the house, and rocks found in our backyard!

Fairy Garden.jpeg