Gladys Gonzalez.jpg

Gladys gonzalez, Director of Outreach

Tell Us About Yourself!

"Hi my name is Gladys and my favorite place in the world is San Francisco. Not only is the seafood and sourdough great, they also have the Muir Woods. The Muir Woods are an incredible place where the oxygen breaths crisper,  ancient sequoia trees standing tall witnesses of the passage of time. However, this is not an ad for Visit SF. Now you know some of my favorite things nature, hiking and seafood. I possess an MBA in International Business and I am proud to be a Rotarian. "

what is one hope of yours that TUEJC will accomplish?

"I hope that we can come together with other people who are just as passionate in making a difference and want to improve our environment and ecosystems."

What is your favorite tip to live a more sustainable life?

"Start with little changes and move on to big ones! Try walking, biking or using public transportation as often as possible. Not only is it great for the environment a little exercise it also good for you." 

Where do you think is one of the most beautiful places in Texas? 

"I love the hill country overall. Hunt has my heart so do the bluebonnet fields in Fredericksburg."