Lil'Eco Rangers virtual Learning Program

Howdy Eco Warriors, TUEJC is taking on virtual learning! We know that parents have some tough decisions ahead concerning their children and school. Well we are here to help with a FREE 12-week virtual learning program on earth science. The goal of this program is to excite pre-school to elementary students about the world around them and their place in the ecosystem.

Class Themes:

1. Energy Pyramid

2. Water Cycles

3. Cloud Formation & Types

4. Erosion

5. Landforms

6. Layers of the Earth

7. The Moon

8. Recycling


Virtual classes will take place once a week, on Wednesdays at 11:30-12:15 pm. The program runs from September 9 to November 25.  

If this is something you and your child are interested in please register below by September 7th. Parents will receive an email with more information, a packet, and list of materials needed for experiments or activities (most of which you probably already have)


Registration has Closed