miamarie pugh, Founder & President

Tell Us About Yourself!

"My name is MiaMarie and I am the Founder and President of Texans United for Environmental Justice & Conservation. I was raised in Laredo, TX and went to Texas A&M University where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. I am a recent graduate from St. Mary's University School of Law and a newly licensed attorney. It is my aspiration to focus on environmental, water, and renewable energy law."

Why did you decide to start Texans United for Environmental Justice & Conservation?
"I believe that my childhood in Laredo, TX was my initial inspiration to form TUEJC. Growing up in South Texas I witnessed first hand environmental injustice that many Texans faced living in the Colonias. As a child, I knew that this was going to be a mission of mine to fight for every Texans to have access to clean drinking water and energy. It was not until I was I graduated college and entered law school did I know exactly how I was going to accomplish my childhood goal. I also knew this was not a problem that I could battle by myself, so I knew it was important to not only advocate for sensible legislation, but to unite other Texans who believe in fighting for environmental justice & conservation."

What is your favorite tip to live a more sustainable life?

"I once had a teacher tell me that 'you vote every time you shop', and that has been a motto I take with me every time I go out and purchase food, clothes, beauty products, etc,. I believe that choosing to buy local, organic, cruelty free, and biodegradable products informs companies that this is what the people want to buy. If you think back 5 years ago, organic products was rare and very expensive, but more and more people have started to buy organic products, so companies responded by producing more organic products and thus the prices have gone down. As consumers, we have the power to tell producers the quality and ingredients we want in our products." 

Where do you think is one of the most beautiful places in Texas? 

"One of my favorite places in Texas is the Hill Country, especially during spring, when Texas wildflowers have taken over."