Paola Ramos, Director of Media & Communications

Tell Us About Yourself!

"I'm from Laredo, TX, but currently live in Los Angeles and work as a digital marketing strategist. I've always been passionate about being kind to the environment, but believe it is particularly imperative now to take the necessary actions to protect our home from the disastrous effects of climate change. I do my best to lead an environmentally sustainable life and love to learn new ways of implementing this goal into my daily activities. One of my favorite environmental organizations to work with in the LA area is Heal the Bay, which organizes beach cleanups all over the county to protect our oceans!"

Of the three elements of the mission statement, which issue is most important to you?

"Enhancing quality of life in environmentally marginalized communities."

What is your favorite tip to live a more sustainable life?

"Meal prep so you don’t have to use as many to-go containers. But if and when getting take-out, take your own containers and ask the restaurant to put the food there to create less waste!" 

Where do you think is one of the most beautiful places in Texas? 

"Fredericksburg, Texas is one of my favorite places!"