Samuel pugh, 

Director of Community Relations—Rio Grande Valley/South Texas 

Tell Us About Yourself!

"My name is Samuel Pugh. I was born in San Antonio, TX and lived there until attending Texas A&M. Currently I am working with Luby's Fuddruckers in Laredo, TX. During my 32 years with Luby's, I have lived in many different cities. These past 17 years while living in Laredo, I  have seen first hand the areas of South Texas along the border who suffer with water issues. Many of the small towns around Laredo have to boil their water, and some of the Colonias do not have water for daily use. This problem should not exist in this great state of Texas. We at TUEJC need your help, ideas and support to bring fresh water to these parts  "

What is one hope of yours that Texans United for Environmental Justice & Conservation will accomplish?
"To help educate the people of Texas the importance of how important our environment is to the safety of our daily lives."

What is your favorite tip to live a more sustainable life?

"My tip to live a more sustainable life is to ask yourself "will this be the best option for the environment?" If not, stop, change, and move forward to make our environment a better place for all." 

What is one of your favorite Texas state parks from your childhood? 

"Garner State Park was our family vacations spot during my childhood. I went back a few years ago , it was nice to see how the state has kept it up."