sourdough starter


unbleached organic Flour

Purified water


kitchen towel



Day 1: Combine 1 cup of flour and ½ cup of water in a glass jar.  Place the jar on your counter and cover with a towel. (Note: After 24 hours you may or may not see some bubbling)


day 2: Remove half of the mixture from the day before and add 1 cup of fresh flour and ½ of water. Place the jar on your counter and cover with a towel.

day 3:Repeat steps on Day 2. However if you see any fluid floating on top, then start feeding it twice a day. (Note: when you add the fresh flour and water, the mixture should be sticky, but as the day goes by have the consistency of pancake batter)

day 4: Start "feeding" your sour dough starter twice a day.

day 5: Repeat steps on Day 4 (NOTE: you sour dough starter may start to increase in size and bubbles)

day 6: Repeat steps on Day 4 & 5 (NOTE: continue feeding sour dough until it expands greatly, mine overnight spilled out of the jar) (NOTE: you can tell if the sour dough starter is ready when you pinch off a piece and it floats in water)

Once readyKeep in your refrigerator and feed it at least once a week. Following the same steps found in Day 2, except put a lid on glass jar instead of a towel. Once the starter warms up it should become active again. However, instead of throwing out the starter you can use that to make bread, pizza, cinnamon rolls, and so much more!