tara jones, 

Director of Community Relations—Gulf Coast/East Texas

Tell Us About Yourself!

"I was born about a hour north of Houston in Huntsville, Texas. I didn’t travel very far when I went to college, attending Texas A&M University in College Station. I graduated in 2017 with a degree in Chemical Engineering. I now live in Lake Jackson where my husband and I both work for a chemical manufacturing company in the area. We love living about 20 minutes from the beach and try to spend as much time there, on the water, or just being outside with our two pups as possible."

What part of tuejc's mission statement really speaks to you?
"I support the mission of TUEJC and especially identify with conserving Texas’ natural resources. As someone who grew up spending a lot of time outdoors, I’ve come to have a great appreciation for this state and the beauty it has to offer. As I’ve been able to travel and see more of the state, I’m even more convinced that it’s our responsibility to conserve that beauty."

What is your favorite tip to live a more sustainable life?

"One Eco Tip I like to live by is constantly searching for opportunities to reduce one-time use products in my life. " 

What part of Texas do you must enjoy being at? 

"Though I absolutely love the coast, my favorite place in Texas is definitely the Hill Country.  "